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TafaBot Invite Code -: NEDJHR

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TafaBot Invite Code

The TafaBot Invite Code is NEDJHR. New sign-ups need to use an eligible referral link, or manually enter a current TafaBot Invite Code, also known as an invite code.

What is TafaBot Invite Code?

NEDJHR is the TafaBot Invite Code. A referral code, similar to a referral link, is basically a unique code that consists of a combination of numbers or alphanumeric characters as well as, in some cases, complete words like a customer’s name used to identify the participants in a customer referral program. An invitation code is assigned to every customer (the referrer) as soon as they join a program in this case TafaBot.

This type of unique invitation code is usually given by a company to members of its audience as a promo code that they can share with their friends and family.

About TafaBot

TAFA Software LLC is a non-custodian automated portfolio management internet company with operational Headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. Our primary business is in the research, development and marketing of reliable and automated portfolio management systems (bots) for seamless trading of cryptocurrencies.

Tafa is the world’s pioneer bot service enabled for futures, spot and arbitrage markets, combined. With 30 of the world’s most reputable exchanges trading via Tafa, the platform is currently the only bot system in the world with across-border utility for several millions of crypto users and enthusiasts.

Tafa provides what is today, the world’s fastest, most transparent and most diversified bot systems, with options for profitable trading results in bullish, bearish and sideways market conditions.

Tafa provides multiple well-researched bot options for users. Each of these bots underwent 3 series of beta testing over a 2-year period and was proven by external auditors to be uniquely profitable in the various market conditions – bullish, bearish and to range. Besides profitability as a trading goal, Tafa was further adapted to provide excellent bot services for crypto hodlers, scalpers and longer-term or time-frame traders.

TafaBot Invitation Code 2022

TafaBot Invite Code 2022 NEDJHR
Mobile APP Download APP
Invite Code NEDJHR
Refer and Earn Earn up to 15  GENERATIONS
Products BOTS, Wallet Game; Predict & Win; P2P; Tafa Token

How to Apply TafaBot Invite Code

1. First of all download the TafaBot app

2. After downloading the app, open it.

3. Now you have to register into the app, so for registration, you have to enter your e-mail address and have to create a new password

4. Enter invitation code: NEDJHR to get Sign Up Bonus

5. Verify your account by a verification code sent to your e-mail address

6. That’s it, your registration process is done. Now connect your account to your favourite exchange and your account will be ready to start trading.


So that’s all about the TafaBot Invitation Code which is “NEDJHR” to avail you up to a 70% commission when you share your invitation code with your family and friends.

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