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Tafabot Reviews: The Ultimate Guide

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Tafabot is the rave of the moment in the crypto trading robot industry today. What’s more about the new AI tool for crypto traders beyond the surface? How can you leverage Tafa software as a crypto trader from scratch? Find all your answers in this extensive in-depth Tafabot Reviews.

The trading of digital assets in the modern day has been revolutionized as various artificial intelligence software keep springing up almost every day. However, modern crypto trading bots do more than trade crypto

Apart from machine learning and using APIs to collect big data crypto market information in real-time, the real deal for crypto robots that want to stay afloat is to offer more than trading support to human traders.

Like it or not, many A-list traders are now relying on bots to stay ahead of the market, and if you are a greenhorn, it is wise to follow suit.

The world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, recently disclosed that 38 per cent of users have used crypto trading bots. Meanwhile, the volume of traded money in the crypto market that is moved with bots pegs at 86 per cent.

If you want to deploy a bot to start trading your crypto assets, there are a plethora of options. While some cannot be trusted and relied on to realize an actual profit, some others are just Ponzi schemes under the pretext of affiliate.

In your pursuit of a legit crypto trading bot, chances are you have heard about Tafabot. This article has been developed to hold your hand and walk you through ALL you need to know before investing in the bot, and even after you have – in terms of usage and trading.

In this 5-part guide, you are going to learn what Tafa software is all about, how to get started, how to use Tafabot with different exchanges, Tafa reward system reviews, as well as what real users are saying about the AI software presently.

Sit tight; it’s going to be a long ride!

Table of Contents

Tafabot Reviews 2022

PART 1: Getting To Know About Tafa Software

Getting To Know About Tafa Software - Tafabot Reviews

Before investing in any crypto bot, it is a general rule of thumb that you do digging into the background and tenets of the software. The first thing necessary to attempt is to know more about Tafa software.

To do this, we are also going to touch on the services offered by Tafa, how the bot works, and their subscription fees.

What is Tafabot?

Tafabot is an Artificial intelligence software that is deployed to help buy and sell cryptocurrencies on different exchanges at the right time determined by certain trading signals through preset trading strategies to maximize profit on behalf of human traders.

The Tafabot is one of the many other crypto-related products offered by the parent company TAFA Software LLC. TAFA Software LLC is a  non-custodian automated portfolio management internet company with operational Headquarters in the United Arab Emirates.

Its primary business is in the research, development, and marketing of reliable and automated portfolio management systems  (bots) for seamless trading of cryptocurrency assets.

Tafa is a bot service enabled for futures, spot, and arbitrage markets, combined. With  30  of the world’s most reputable exchanges trading via  Tafa,  the platform is currently the only bot system in the world with cross-border utility for several millions of crypto users and enthusiasts.

What is more interesting is how the software can garner the trust and patronage of millions of users within the last year since it was established, precisely in January 2021.

Who is the founder of Tafabot?

Founders of most crypto bots are not always available online. It is not certain if there is a concrete reason behind the anonymity but it applies to Tafa, as well. However, information on Crunchbase shows that the founder of Tafabot is Samuel Benedict. He also doubles as the Chief Executive Officer of Tafabot.

founder of tafabot

Tafa is one of the AI tools that provide what is today, the world’s fastest, most transparent, and most diversified bot systems, with options for profitable trading results in bullish, bearish, and sideways market conditions.

The company was born out of the dislike that traders have to trade crypto directly on exchanges because they have to constantly monitor their positions to make any profit. For this reason, the software was built to help stabilize earnings in crypto while taking away some of the emotions that might result in losses.

The developers behind Tafabot comprise well over 30 years of Finance, investing, and trading juggernauts.

Services offered by Tafa Software

Tafa software is popular for its crypto trading robot tool. But it accounts for one out of the many other services offered by the crypto-oriented company.

For example, Tafa also provides solutions on digital Wallet, Game: Predict & Win P2P, as well as the Tafa Token for trading. For the Tafabot, it deals in Spot Bots, Futures Bots, Arbitrage Bot, Auto-signal Bot, and Mirror Copy Trading Bot

Let’s look at what these services entail:

TafaBot product and services


Tafa provides multiple well-researched bot options for users. Each of these bots underwent 3 series of beta testing over 2 years and was proven by external auditors to be uniquely profitable in the various market conditions – bullish, bearish, and ranging.

Besides profitability as a trading goal, Tafa was further adapted to provide excellent bot services for crypto holders, scalpers, and longer-term or time-frame traders.


The Tafa Wallet allows you to send out and receive tokens. Currently, USDT is the only supported currency on Tafa Wallet. Users pay zero transaction fees when sending or receiving payments to and from fellow Tafa Wallets.


The Predict & Win game rewards users for predicting BTC price. There are two versions of the game: Pool Sharing Game and Winner Takes It All.

The Pool Sharing Game is where users can make multiple entries.  All winners share the pool contributions of all losers. Whereas in the Winner Takes It All game, only 3 winners emerge and they share the entire pool contribution of all losers.


This  Peer to peer service allows users to sell their Tafa rewards (USDT) or tokens deposited into their Tafa wallet directly for their local fiat currencies. The goal is to make Tafa a one-stop shop for users.

According to Tafa, this product will go live in different countries depending on the speed of adoption and ease of securing official approvals.


According to the company, the Tafa Token will be launched in the second half of 2024 and listed on all major exchanges supported by the Tafa Trading System.

Until then, any token seen in the market bearing Tafa should be considered impersonators and potential scam schemes. All future announcements relating to the Tafa token will only be made public via the official website (www.tafa and social media handles of the organization.

How Does Tafabot work?

The Tafabot is offered to function in five different metrics and form of trading that makes it stand out from other bots. These include Spot trading, Futures trading, Arbitrage trading, Auto-signal trading, and Mirror copy trading.

For spot trading, Tafabot offers the Spot martingale that is suitable for scalping a spot market, while the Spot Smart Invest bot is ideal for digital coin holders. Meanwhile, this type of bot for Tafa has been proven to have an average 30-day PNL ratio greater than 7.3 per cent depending on your configuration.

If you are concerned with scalping in the future market, then the Tafa futures bot is ideal. While the risk level is medium for the martingale, it is relatively low for the DCA bot. All the bots of the futures market offered by Tafa have been proven to have an average, 30-day PNL ratio greater than 9.82 per cent depending on your configuration.

The arbitrage bot of Tafa is one of a kind. It is the most unique invention of the entire Tafa system whereby there is zero risk and it is a low-profit bot and best used if you are a high-volume trader or investor. The bot guarantees a 30-day profit ratio of 1.25 per cent to 4.16 per cent depending on the currency pair.

On the other hand, the auto-signal bot allows signal providers to automate their services and subscriptions. With this bot deployed, signals are automatically sent and subscribed users have their bots triggered into the trades, regardless of whether them being available or not, or devices are off or on.

The best part of how the bot works, for me, would be the mirror copy trading bots where top-performing traders in the Tafa ecosystem with above 70 per cent success rate over a documented period are promoted to ranks that allow them to create mirrors.

These mirrors are bots that other users can simply copy and automatically get into the same trades each time these top-performing traders get into any trades.

Tafa Subscription fees

Unlike other crypto bots, subscription packages in Tafa software are referred to as Tafa Licence. So, to use the Tafa bot, you have to purchase the license that allows you to utilize the software.

Tafa Licence refers to the annual official permit given to a user to trade on the Tafa platform. In other words, it’s a subscription fee to use the bot on an annual basis. The subscription license is divided into three packages to cover every trader’s pocket size: The starter license or package, the advanced license or package, and the Pro license or package.

Tafa subscription fees

As you can see from the illustration above, Tafa is available at three price points:

The starter package where the bot speed is 1 minute and you can only have five active trades at most, while the maximum connected exchanges pegs at three – all these for $100 per year.

Meanwhile, the bot speed for the Advanced package is 10 seconds and even though it cost $500 per year, it allows you to connect up to ten exchanges with 25 active trades at most.

The apex plan is the Pro license that allows you to have unlimited connected exchanges and unlimited active trades but the bot speed in this package is 5 seconds and would set subscribers back by $1000 per annum.

The starter license is ideal for a newbie in crypto bot usage. As you find the bot profitable, you can scale up to higher licenses. Meanwhile, the pricing of Tafa is one area that the bot seems to not be doing well, especially when compared to other competing bots out there that offer free packages for a starter.

However, the fact that Tafa did not allow for the free package for starters could be an indication that the bot truly holds value and as such would not want to be at a loss just like any other business would do.

PART 2: Getting Started With Tafabot

how to use tafabot

Now that you know more about Tafa software, you can see that the AI invention has a lot to offer to crypto traders. It is apparently in its early face, and so those who will enjoy the offerings of the bot will be those who stick to it at this stage.

Given that it has unique features, getting started on Tafa may be a little confusing. But it isn’t. In this section, we will look at how you can open an account on Tafa, how to purchase any of the license packages, and other necessary prompts for successful account creation.

5 steps to open an account with Tafa

How to open an account with Tafa bot

The process of opening an account with Tafa to start using the bot is similar to how an account is opened in most crypto bots out there – no extra complications. If you have used a crypto bot in the past, then you will find this familiar. Follow these steps to get started with Tafa

Step 1: Sign up using a referral link

The first step is to open your browser and log on to the official website of Tafa to register. However, it would be wise if you register through a referral link so that you will be entitled to a signup bonus which is around $10 (more on this later)

Chances are someone introduced you to the bot, so ask the person for his or her referral link. This link will lead you to the official Tafabot registration page, but you will be helping the person get a commission from your sign-up, and you will also have the privilege of claiming a sign-up bonus. It is a win-win situation.

You can sign up and create an account on Tafa using this LINK, after which you will be entitled to a welcome bonus

Step 2: Download Tafa App

Now that you have registered, you can now go to either Google Playstore or the IOS store to download the original Tafa app. There are many look-alike apps out there, which is why it is important to first sign up so that when you get the app, you can be sure it is the right one.

To save you the hassle, you can download the original Tafa mobile app on Google Playstore HERE

Step 3: Login using your registered username and password

The next step is to log in to the mobile app using the username and password that you signed with. Remember that there’d be a need to verify your account using email should in case you forget your password in the future.

Step 4: Follow prompts to buy a license

After your account is set up and ready on Tafa, the next thing to think about is securing a license to operate the bot.

As discussed earlier, this can be purchased in three different packages. The interface of the Tafa app is very user-friendly and anyone can understand the prompts. Shortly, we will look at a step-by-step process on how to purchase a license on the Tafa app.

Step 5: Connect your exchange with Tafa and start trading

Once you have purchased a license you have the opportunity of using the bot according to the provision of your package. The next thing is to link the bot with your exchanges using APIs so that the bot can begin trading for you automatically according to preset trading strategies.

Even though you don’t know your way around it, there are videos on the Tutorial tab of the app that will show you the step-by-step process. Nevertheless, we will still touch on it in this extensive guide.

How to purchase Tafa License in 6 steps

How to purchase Tafa license

Purchasing a license in Tafa is a very important step that comes after signing up on the Tafa app and the process is very simple.

Note: As cited earlier, The starter license ($100 per annum) is ideal for a newbie in crypto bot usage. As you find the bot profitable, you can scale up to higher licenses.

To purchase a license on the Tafa app, Log on to your account and click on the “Wallet” icon seen at the bottom left of the homepage. Afterward, follow these 6 steps:

Step 1: Click on Deposit in the Wallet tab

How to purchase Tafa license

Once you click the wallet icon, you will see many transactional options such as withdraw, transfer, and deposit as well as your current wallet balance on Tafa. It is expected that your current balance is $0.00 because it is a new account. So you need to first deposit funds on the wallet that will then be used to purchase a license.

Step 2: Click on Copy Address

How to purchase Tafa license

After clicking on deposit, you will tap the copy exchange which will serve as the address where you will be sending the license fee in USDT. You will see that there is an option to scan the QR code, but it is better to use the address copy and pasting option.

Step 3: Confirm the funds in your wallet

How to purchase Tafa license

After sending the funds, navigate back to your wallet to confirm that it is reflected there. The transaction process is expected to be fast and error-free.

Step 4: Click on License

How to purchase Tafa license

Now that the money is reflected in your wallet, click on the Licence icon at the bottom right corner of the Wallet page. This is where you will be able to use the funds in your wallet to buy the license according to your preferred package.

Step 5: Select your preferred license and subscribe

How to purchase Tafa license

On the next page, you have the option to select which license grade you’d like to purchase. You have to make sure that you have enough funds in your wallet to support this purchase. After selecting it, you click on “Subscribe” – the green button.

Step 6: Confirm to activate the subscription

How to purchase Tafa license

Buying your license is a very important step and so, there is no reversal in the process once purchased. This is why, after you have selected the type of license you want to buy, the Tafa bot would ask you to confirm your subscription by clicking “yes” and then the license will be activated, allowing you to deploy the bots to your exchange.

Can I use Tafabot without a license?

Unfortunately, users of Tafa software cannot make use of the bot without an active license purchased. This may be a downside of the bot, especially when placed side-by-side with competing bots out there that offer a free plan for beginners to make use of the bot before they decide to scale on the premium version.

Even those bots that offer the free version are often criticized for having something shady because there is nothing logical in offering true value to the market for free.

While these bots have their specific business model and revenue generation plan from free versions, it is still a matter of contention on legitimacy when things are offered for free.

Whether it is the Tafa spot trading bot, arbitrage bot, futures trading bot, or mirror trading bot, you need to purchase a license before using them. Your license could be the Starter, Advanced, or even Pro as long as it is active.

Each license is valid for a year from the day it was purchased and has its distinguished details of usage. While you cannot use Tafabot without a license, opening an account and registering for Tafa is entirely free of charge.

PART 3: Using Tafabot – All You Need To Know

TafaBot: Crypto Trading Bot |Spot |Futures | Arbitrage

After successful registration on Tafa, you need to know about the software so well that you can put its services to good use. If you are new to the use of crypto bots for trading, this is the section you’d want to pay attention to so that you can navigate your way around the Tafa platform seamlessly.

In this section, you will learn how to use the Tafabot Mobile app for all major operations, how to connect your Tafabot with your exchange (Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, Coinbase, and many others), as well as how you can claim your free $10 instant welcome bonus on Tafa provided you have signed up through a referral link.

How to connect Binance exchange to your Tafabot

Step 1:

Open your Binance app. While you are on the homepage, click on the “more” icon that is found on the top right corner of your screen (Mobile view)

Step 2:

This will lead you to the next page where you need to scroll down and select the “API Management” option

Step 3:

On the next page, you will see a yellow button with the prompt “Create API” click on it and label your newly created API with any name that is relative to the reference. For example, since you are creating the API key to integrate with your Tafabot, you can name the API “TAFA”. Type this into the pop-up box then click on next

Step 4:

You will need to enter the code sent to your registered phone number and email address and then click on SUBMIT. On the next page, you will be redirected to, click on the EDIT BUTTON for the API restriction and mark the second, fourth, fifth, and sixth options in the list.

Afterward, make sure you copy the API Key and Secret Key to a safe place.

Step 5:

Now go to your Tafa app and log in to your account. Once you are on the homepage, navigate to the “Exchange” page. On that page, you click on the first option which is Binance. There, you will see two separate boxes where you will need to paste the API key and Secret Key that you copied from your Binance earlier.

And then you click on ‘Connect’ to start enjoying seamless automated trading.

How to connect Huobi exchange to your Tafabot

Step 1:

Open your Huobi app, and click on the settings icon that is found on the top right corner of your screen (mobile view). On the next page, you’d be directed to, click on the Trade setting which is the second option on the list.

Step 2:

On the Trade Settings page, scroll down and click on ‘API MANAGEMENT’ and then click on Create API option on the green button below the screen.

Step 3:

Here, Enter ‘TAFA’ in the note name box and click on confirm. A code will be sent to your registered mobile number or email which you will be required to enter. Afterward, copy your API KEY and API SECRET KEY in a safe place and click CONFirm

Step 4:

Now open your Tafa bot app and click on the exchange icon found on the home page. On the next page, scroll down and click on Houbi.

Here you will need to paste the API KEY and SECRETE Key that you have initially copied after creating the API on Huobi exchange in their respective boxes on Tafa.

Then click on Connect purple box below the screen to enjoy seamless automated trading of crypto assets in your Huobi exchange courtesy of Tafabot.

How to connect Kucoin exchange to your Tafabot

Step 1:

Log on to the official Kucoin website and then click on the PROFILE ICON that is found at the top of the screen (mobile view).  This will lead you to the page where you need to scroll down and click on the ‘API  MANAGEMENT’ option

Step 2:

Next, you need to Click on CREATE API option and then enter TAFA as the API NAME in the space provided and then create an API Passphrase – this is synonymous with a password. Then scroll down, tick the ‘trade’ option and then mark the “no” option so that you prevent any address from accessing the API secrete.

Step 3:

Enter your Security verification code and then click on confirm option. This will lead you to a page where you can copy the API key and Secret key of your New API which will be used for the integration or binding.

Step 4:

Next, go to your Tafa bot app and sign into your account. On the homepage, click on the ‘exchange’ icon. This will launch you to a page containing a list of exchanges for API binding. Here you need to select the Kucoin option.

Step 5:

Paste your API KEY and SECRETE KEY in the box respectively as provided, and then click on Connect to enjoy seamless automated trading.

We have seen the different ways you can bind your Tafabot with various exchanges. There are many other exchanges that the Tafabot supports and can be integrated with as seen in the image below:

Exchanges supported by Tafabot

However, we have narrowed the focus of this section to Binance, Huobi, and Kucoin because these three appear to be the exchanges that many people trade with. If you are using other exchanges like Bittrex, Bybit, and FTX, I recommend you visit the official YouTube page of Tafa software.

There, you will find videos that illustrate the step-by-step guide involved in binding Tafabot with these said exchanges seamlessly.

How to claim a free $10 instant bonus on Tafa

After signing up to create an account with Tafa through the registration page that was provided from a referral link, then you are entitled to a free $10 bonus.

After hitting the sign-up button, you will see a popup page with the message “You have received a $10 Tafa balance and seven days of free account access upon launch”

But please note that the bonus is based on your registration being among the whitelist which is earmarked for the first ten thousand registrations. So on that pop-up congratulatory page, you will see your position number on that whitelist. Here is an example of a user who signed up to claim the bonus:

TafaBot sign up bonus

You will see that the whitelist benchmark has been increased, so if you are lucky enough, you can still get the bonus upon registration.

You also see in the image above that if you share your referral link and climb the Tafa Leader Board, you stand opportunities for greater benefits upon launch. You will earn 30 per cent of your direct referral license fee and share 50 per cent of your Tafa fuel trading fee forever.

This leads us to the next chapter of this review.

PART 4: TAFA Reward System Review

Tafabot Reward System. Earn with Tafabot

According to Tafa, the company is sharing over 50 per cent of all its revenues with users as rewards for working together with them in building this ecosystem, through different earning systems.

In other words, the Tafa Reward System provides the smartest and easy-to-run uni-level compensation plan to reward and share Tafa revenues with all its users.

In this section, we will be looking at ALL you need to know to get started on the Tafa reward system, how to make money and built passive income through the system, and other rudiments you should know about the passive income potential.

To begin with, let’s start with the definition of terms:

Introduction to the Tafa reward system

In the Tafa rewards system, there is what is called the Generational Volume (G.V) which is the total bot licenses purchased by your direct and indirect referrals in your entire sponsor tree. It is slightly different from the Commissionable Volume income potential which is the percentage of Tafa fuel that the company distributes to affiliates – 50 per cent.

Meanwhile, Tafa Fuel is the term that refers to a fixed trading fee of 10 per cent charged on every profit Tafa makes for a user. A Tafa fuel of $10 means that the bot has made a user a profit of $100 in either single or cumulative trade over time. These Tafa fuels are distributed across the ecosystem as rewards within the system networks.

Another income potential is the Affiliates which refers to individuals who have built referral structures within the Tafa system and earn commissions from these structures in addition to trading earnings.

It is necessary to note the concept of Upgrade Fee which is one of the bot’s income potential. Here, the fee is paid when a user decides to migrate from a lower bot license to a higher bot license. The fee is the difference in cost between the lower and the higher license.

How can I make money with the Tafa reward system?

There are seven unique ways to earn through the Tafa rewards systems: these channels include: direct referral bonus, indirect referral bonus, upgrade bonus, renewal bonus, generational commissions, leadership bonus, and profit sharing.

Let’s look at what each of these referral systems entails.

Direct referral bonus:

Here, an affiliate earns whenever someone who used his or her referral link to signup purchases any Tafa license. The affiliate is expected to gain 20 per cent of the bot license that the referral purchased from Tafa. Meanwhile, if the referral purchased a license that is higher than yours, the excess bonus is stored in a Holding Tank and is expected to be redeemed within 30 days. (more information on the Holding tank shortly)

Tafa rewards system

Indirect referral bonuses:

This refers to the bonus earned when affiliates are sponsored in your 2nd and 3rd generations.

Using a $100 license scenario, let’s imagine that Peter signs up Paul and James directly. He earns $20 per individual as a Direct Referral bonus – this being 20 per cent of each of their $100 license fee.

Paul goes on to refer Daniel who signs up with a $100 license. Paul would earn a Direct Referral bonus of $20 while Peter still earns $5 (being 5 per cent) as an Indirect Referral bonus.

Again, Daniel refers Kemi and she signs up with a $100 license. Daniel would earn $20 as a Direct Referral bonus. Paul would earn $5 (5 per cent) as an Indirect Referral bonus. Paul still earns another $5 (5 per cent) as an Indirect Referral bonus.

So from Kemi’s $100 license fee, 30 per cent was distributed; 20 per cent was as a Direct Referral bonus and 10 per cent as an Indirect Referral bonus.

Tafa rewards system

Upgrade Bonus:

When an affiliate who is using a lower bot license decides to upgrade to a higher license, he pays an Upgrade Fee. The Upgrade bonus is 20 per cent of this Upgrade Fee paid to an affiliate whenever any of his direct referrals upgrade to a higher bot license. However, the said affiliate must be at that higher license level – or above it – to receive the full upgrade bonus.

Suppose the referrer (affiliate) is on a lower bot license, he receives only 20 per cent of his license level and the excess commission payable goes into the holding tank for 30 days during which it can be redeemed by upgrading.

However, if the affiliate fails to upgrade within the stipulated time, he automatically loses access to this commission in the holding tank.

Renewal Bonus:

Here, an affiliate earns a 20 per cent direct bonus and a 5 per cent Indirect Bonus for his 2nd And 3rd Generations whenever they renew their annual license.

Generational Commission:

This commission is distributed across the system whenever an affiliate pays Tafa Fuel for profits made using Tafabot. The up-line of the affiliate earns a percentage of the Tafa fuel. This rewards system continues indirectly for a total of 15 generations deep. This Generational Commission follows the most rewarding uni-level marketing system in the world today.

Tafa rewards system

It is important to note that the Tafa Intelligence Surveillance (TIS) requires that only accounts that fulfill “account-specific” minimum trading requirements (count and volume) are allowed to claim the Generational Commission.

In other words, non-trading accounts or trading accounts that have not fulfilled their trading requirement are temporally disabled from claiming Generational Commissions until the condition is fulfilled.

This is because the company wants to encourage every user to be a trader in the Tafa ecosystem. Continuous non-compliance from a user will auto-activate stricter sanctions including forfeiture of future Generational Commissions.

Leadership Rewards:

This is where leaders who have distinguished themselves are recognized and rewarded for their hard work and success in effective team building. It is a one-time reward based on Generational Volume and Total Tafa Fuel Volume.

Awardees are rewarded with state-of-the-art gifts and exotic holidays in choice locations around the world. These rewards are presented monthly or during company events in locations around the world.

Tafa rewards system

Global sharing profit:

The company earmarks 3 per cent of its monthly profit to share amongst top leaders who have distinguished themselves over time in their quality of leadership and team building. Leaders who have achieved the rank of Green Diamond and above qualify to enjoy this share of the company’s global profit, monthly. It is distributed as seen in the illustration below:

Tafa rewards system

What is the Tafa holding tank?

If an affiliate signs up another affiliate with a bot license higher than his or hers, he will instantly earn the referral commission equivalent for his package while the excess commission payable is temporarily kept in the holding tank for 30 days within which the affiliate is expected to upgrade and claim the excess commission.

If the grace period expires and the affiliate fails to upgrade, he automatically loses access to the commission in the holding tank.

PART 5: Tafa Software Reviews – What People Saying + FAQs

 Tafabot reveiws

So far, you have seen a comprehensive view of what Tafa is set to offer crypto traders in the industry. However, no review is complete without highlighting the testimonies of people both the negatives and positives.

In this section, we will look into the Pros and Cons of Tafabot, the pricing review of Tafabot, its legitimacy (whether it is a scam or not), and also a review of the Tafa mobile app to determine how convenient it is for use, compared to that of other bots.

We will also touch on the important things you should keep in mind before investing in Tafabot or deploying the AI for trading – many of which many users would turn a blind eye to before shelling out cash for a subscription.

Pros & Cons of using Tafabot

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency markets operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week. As a result of this, trading seems harder. If you choose to invest in Tafabot today, here are some advantages you stand to experience:


  • Best trade entry
  • Free trading strategies
  • Accurate Analysis
  • The REG Tech
  • The minimum trading fee is relatively low

Let’s see how each of these factors acts as an advantage

Best Trade Entry: It is a good thing that Tafabot ensures the best entry at the best time possible. This is achievable because the AI tool has been designed to check the market and make entries at the optimal time.

Free trading strategies: On Tafa, you can access the trading strategies of traders who have been successful over a significant amount of time. So, the bot will automatically mirror their strategy to that you win whenever they win. It is a helpful feature for newbies.

Accurate Analysis: Tafabot is designed to analyze technical and fundamental analysis accurately and better than any professional trader can.

The Hedge Function: Another area that makes Tafabot stand out among other competitors is that it opens two market positions at the same time, evaluates the risks involves, and then runs with lesser risk.

This will help create profit and reduce the loss of money. It is worthy of note that no other bot currently boasts of the hedge function.

The REG Tech: with the RegTech feature on Tafa, traders have the liberty to pick what coin they want to trade on as well as the exact settings they want to use for trade using the bot’s setup guide in the user starter pack. In other words, your settings determine the outcome of the analysis of the robot thanks to AI.

Minimum trading fee relatively low: Unlike many other bots out there, the minimum amount required for you to start trading your crypto using the bots is relatively low. In other bots, you may way volume as high as $600 but Tafa recommends something lesser (more on this in the FAQs section)


  • Some supervision is still required
  • No free forever plan
  • Live customer support limited

Some supervision is still required: The truth is that no matter how automated the trading is with Tafabot, you will still need to check in regularly. In other words, even after connecting the bot to your exchange, you can’t leave the bot to work independently forever without monitoring it. This makes it necessary to have a solid grasp of crypto trading

No free forever plan: The pricing of Tafa is one area that the bot seems to not be doing well, especially when compared to other competing bots out there that offer free packages for a starter.

However, the fact that Tafa did not allow for the free package for starters could be an indication that the bot truly holds value and as such would not want to be at a loss just like any other business would do.

It is important to admit that this may discourage someone fresh users from using the bot but it is a good thing that the bot offers free 3 days trial so that you can know what you are about to invest in.

Live customer support can be better: Customer support is a very important feature for any crypto trading bot that claims to have its users’ interests at heart. I have come across other bots out there that offer 24/7 live customer support and periodical zoom live calls to help new users with whatever questions they may have about this bot. Tafa seems to be doing something similar, but when compared to the competition, more can be done.

Is Tafabot free?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Tafabot without purchasing a Tafa license which is available in three different plans.

If you are a new user of Tafa, there is an option to try it for free and this will last for just 3 days, after which you will have to purchase a license to continue using the Tafa services.

The starter package where the bot speed is 1 minute and you can only have five active trades at most, while the maximum connected exchanges pegs at three – all these for $100 per year.

On the other hand, the bot speed for the advanced package is 10 seconds and even though it cost $500 per year, it allows you to connect up to ten exchanges with 25 active trades at most.

Those who purchase the Pro license will have unlimited connected exchanges and unlimited active trades but their bot speed will be 5 seconds and would set them back for $1000 per annum.

Is Tafabot a scam?

The short answer is No; the Tafa crypto trading robot is legit and is no scam. Though, it is not the first trading bot that has surfaced and won’t be the last. The only issue is that you need to understand how Tafabot works and review it to be sure it works best for you before investing funds. Again, there is no free forever plan.

Nevertheless, it is applauded that the bot has been made with non-techie people in mind. In other words, you don’t have to be crypto savvy before you make it using Tafabot.

In terms of the safety of your funds, keep in mind that they are deposited in your exchange account, and this is the safest place for the funds.

Another factor that proves Tafa is here to stay is that the company leaves enough footprints in the public domain (including social media) that is enough for any dick and harries to review whether or not they are worth investment. This is an attitude that most crypto solutions do not follow.

Is Tafa better on the Web or mobile app?

Is Tafa better on the Web or mobile app?

The Tafa software is an available bot on the web through their official website and as a mobile application both for android and IOS users.

It is recommended that you download the official Tafa mobile app after you have signed up on the web version through the referral link. This is because the interface of the app is easier to navigate around and it also helps you deploy your bots and study trading trends on the go.

With the Tafa mobile app, there is more you can do without having an active internet connection all the time. You will also be able to receive notifications when using the Tafabot app. No snoozing on your automated trading.

Things you should know before using Tafabot

As we draw the curtains on this guide, you must wrap your head around the intricacies of this automated trading robot before using it. We are going to comprehensively cover the common questions that new users ask while registering with Tafa which should help you understand the bot better as you move to register as well:

Tafabot Review FAQs Crypto Trading Review: Everything You Need To Know About Legit or Scam?

What is the minimum capital I can trade with on Tafa?

Required minimum capital is based on the minimum your exchange requires. However, this ranges from as low as $50.

Aside from license purchases, how does Tafa earn?

Through Tafa fuel. Tafa fuel is the fee that keeps Tafabot cloud software active and running for users. This fee is only 10% of your trading profit and is only paid after you make a profit. 50% of this fee is further distributed among our networking system (Tafabot growth system).

What will happen once my paid plan on Tafa is over?

Once your paid plan is finished and you haven’t renewed it, your ongoing trades will still execute till the last order is completed but no new trade will be executed

How can I get a refund?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by following the prompts on the license page of the Tafa app. According to Tafa, they don’t issue refunds for partial use of service or the amount of time left in your subscription.

What does ‘Margin Insufficient’ mean on Tafa?

If you are trading in the spot market, your capital needs to be on the spot wallet, and if you are trading in the futures market, your capital also needs to be on the futures wallet of your exchange. If otherwise, it is possible you get the said result.

What about the security of my funds? How secure is the Tafa site?

All Tafabot connections are encrypted using HTTPS using state-of-the-art RSA 2048-bit encryption. More importantly, Tafabot doesn’t have any access to your funds, and all your crypto assets always remain directly on your exchanges.

Can I switch plans on Tafa?

You can upgrade anytime to get more functionality. At the same time if you already have an active plan and you want to downgrade.

It’s a wrap!

This brings us to the end of this extensive Tafabot review guide. So far, we have been able to demystify what Tafa software is all about, how to get started, how to use Tafabot with different exchanges, Tafa reward system reviews, as well as what real users are saying about the AI software presently.

I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to share in the comments any questions or observations you’ve had about Tafa and any other information you believe you’d make this review complete

Thanks for reading.

Get started with Tafa by registering through this sign-up link HERE

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